Sound Therapy

What Is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is the use of frequencies to provide the body with new healing informations with the intention of bringing the body and spirit back into well being.

Tools that are typically used by MDW Sound Therapy are: Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, voice healing, crystal singing bowls, Quantum Biofeedback and  Vibroacoustic  sound table and pillow which  was invented by  pioneer Olav Skille’s “vibroacoustic therapy”.


MDW Sound Therapy


Masma Dream World Sound Therapy is lead by Devi Mambouka.

She is an experimental Artist, Sound Therapist certified by the Globe Institute of Sound Healing in San Francisco, California and Jikiden Reiki practitioner.

Her musical project Masma Dream World is a sonic healing journey from stage performances to one-on-one Sound Therapy.

Her inspiration comes from her Indian, Chinese, and African background in combination with leading edge vibrational technologies.

The purpose of this therapy is to help you achieve meditation through sound to regain balance & provide you with a safe space to explore your inner being.

Her music producer background helps her tune in & create a uniquely tailored multisensory sound healing session.

She has crafted a new and unique form of Sound Bath by using vibroacoustic sound pillows in a group setting and teaching the power of  vocal toning. 

Called ” VIBROBATH™”.

Most recently Devi has held workshops at SOHO HOUSE NYC, Rise by We, WeWork’s ‘Ultimate Wellness Club’, The Ace Hotel, as well as HealHaus, Clinton Hill’s newest wellness center.




MDW Sound Therapy

Services Offered

Specializing in Sound healing technologies with a focus on stress relief and re-connecting to the natural world.

I believe that when the natural world is not readily available (For us urban dwellers), we can stimulate being in nature through sound and visualization, this is my intention when using sound healing technologies. 

Nature is the greatest healer of all, and our connection to our inner beings nurtures that. 

Vibroacoustic Therapy brings the body back to nature. Book today your Urban retreat.

Vibroacoustic Therapy brings the body back to nature. Book today your Urban retreat.



Vibroacoustic Therapy uses a Sound table or sound pillow which both contain tactile transducers. The sound pillow will resonate at a low frequency and the vibrations will gently enter the body and create a cymatic effect that the water and cells of your body will respond to.

The vibrations will reach deeper than a traditional massage, affecting internal organs, glands and cells. The pulsation creates a feeling of  a returning to the womb and creating different brainwave states using binaural beats plus the use of cymatic frequencies.

It is a safe method that promotes well-being and inner being explorations.

 It is a Sonic massage.

What  happens during a session?

Participants will lay comfortably sandwiched between sound pillow+ table on their body and experience a guided meditation into a multi-sensory journey.

Participants have the option to add tuning fork acupressure and/or Reiki to their VAT treatment.

Other technologies used are Quantum biofeedback  system and sensorium color synth designed by InnerSense Inc.



This session is an immersive sound healing urban retreat, where you will immerse your self in the sound of your own being and guidance from the singing bowls, shakers, rattles, voice and reiki.

What is the purpose?

The ceremony will allow us to get deeper to the blockages that may be preventing you from living your best life, I will use my clairaudience to translate the unique songs that will help with ceremony.

What will you take away?

It also includes finding out what is your soul note and how you can use it for your own healing journey.

What happens after?

You will get homework, email support and follow up phone call.

*Note: sessions may run longer, additional fee may apply*

Phone consultation is a MUST before booking this service.

This is service is not meant to replace any medical service both physical or mental. Please consult your physician before beginning an alternative medicine or healing practice.Phone Consultation

Speak with Devi Mambouka one-on-one for 30 minutes to get the best possible experience when starting vibroacoustic sound therapy. (It's free!)